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“What are you doing on Instagram, stop with that nonsense!”

People still don’t get how they can use Instagram for their business.

Well, that’s too bad. If your target audience actively uses this platform you have to be there.

Here are a few reasons why your business presence on Instagram is worth it.

#1 If your potential customers are on Instagram they will expect you to be there as well⁣

Customers will search for you on Instagram. They might search for you specifically by name, or by hashtags relating to your business or location.⁣

#2 It will be a trust signal for them⁣

You can sell your products or services while giving people useful tips and this will increase their trust.⁣

#3 Point back to your website if you have one⁣

Instagram is one more social channel where you can drive traffic back to your site, where you share other content like checklists, blog posts, articles, etc. This also helps you to be present on search engines when customers search for you by name.⁣

#4 Your competitors are already on Instagram

If you don’t have an Instagram account and your competitors do, you’re giving them a competitive edge, plain and simple.⁣

#5 You can better understand your customers

You can also interact and understand your potential customers better – finding out problems your product or service solves.⁣

#6 You can reach new customers with paid ads

It’s cheaper than other types of advertising.⁣


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