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Connecting small businesses and entrepreneurs who are actively working to promote their Instagram pages.


Small business circle

Enhance the audience

Instagram business pages are no longer getting the same reach as they used to, with only 10% of your audience seeing the posts.

Algorithms can be quite sneaky in that they work to artificially lower the reach and make companies pay for the ads. To work around this, businesses look for ways to beat the algorithm, focusing on hashtags, and others have turned the innovations to their advantage, joining chats to increase the average engagement rate and the reach of the account as a whole.

More activity, higher reach for posts, which in turn means more users see them.

Small Business Circle is a mutual support group, where Swiss businesses and entrepreneurs communicate and post links to their posts, stories, and videos.
With this group, you’ll get more likes and comments, and not just from those who have done so by support.

The herd instinct works on social media just like it does in life.

A few people will make a comment, and then your own followers will decide to support the conversation. As a result, trust in the product/service increases, and the page attracts your target audience.

If you want to enhance the audience engagement on your business page and draw attention to your existing followers, then why not join us in the Small Business Circle!


Why do you need my email?

We will never share your email address OR ANY OTHER PERSONAL INFORMATION with a third party.

We ask for your information in exchange for joining a group in order to send materials to you by email that we think may be of value to you. You can read more about the privacy policy here.

Is it really free?


Just sharing free entry to the group that we hope you’ll find useful. Keep davaii in mind next time you need help with marketing!

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