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100+ Top Performing Headlines


Catchy headline = 50% success

Headlines need to be ‘sticky’ velcro copy – the type of copy that grabs the attention and keeps the reader interested and on the page. Bad headlines result in no readers, glossy magazines understand this, which is why they sell so many copies.

We’ve prepared a swipe file of the most catchy headlines from the most popular magazines. You can use them for your articles, social media posts, and newsletters. A good catchy headline should help reel those readers in and keep them reading.



Why are these headline templates the perfect solution for your business?

1. Save time. How long do you come up with a headline for your newsletter, social media posts, or blog post? You will save a lot of time with this cheat sheet

2. This content includes a wide range of templates, allowing you to keep your audience engaged

3. Thanks to these ready-made templates, you can choose what’s already working.


You won’t have to worry about the headline anymore, because you will have more than 100 top-performing headlines, which work.

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