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Search Engine

For small to mid-sized businesses who are looking to get found on Google Search by more potential customers more frequently.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Improving your visibility and getting quality traffic with comprehensive website promotion on Google Search, including Site Audit, SEO, advertising with Google Ads, in-depth Analytics, and regular optimisation.

SEM Benefits

#1 Strong Visibility

With the synergy of SEO and Google Ads and regular work on optimization, you generate more attention and traffic to the site.


With search engine marketing, focusing on the searches and people you need, you attract your target audience who are interested in your products or services.


With SEO and Google Ads working together, you achieve greater and faster results than using only one marketing instrument.


#1 Search Strategy

My approach to SEM is comprehensive and systematic. I'll conduct a comprehensive site audit, analyze your niche and competitive environment, develop SEM strategy, correct errors, regularly optimize advertising campaigns and your site, increase visibility, and bring quality traffic to your site.

#2 Regular Reports

I prepare regular reports so that you can be aware of the dynamics and progress of the project. This is not `numbers for numbers' sake` - all information is presented clearly and in a convenient format.

#3 You are always up to date

From strategy to project tasks - you are always aware of the processes.


Site Audit

Comprehensive Site Audit
Technical & Commercial


Effective site optimization for Google Search Engine


Launching advertising campaigns in Google Ads

In-depth Analytics

Comprehensive analytics of organic and paid search, improving efficiency



We get the ball rolling… Your first step is to schedule a call. Provide some details about your business including your website and what questions you have in mind.


We’ll discuss more about you, your needs, and my recommended approach… It’s a jumping-off point for us to do further work together.


I’ll learn about your business and research your market. I’ll turn this into an SEM strategy that is specifically designed to work for you and your business.


From this – we can start to implement it…


I accompany and adjust advertising campaigns, evaluate interim results and support ongoing optimization.

SEM Services in Pixels

A peek into search engine marketing processes from audit and technical to full campaign management and optimization.


Comprehensive site audit – identifying weaknesses, deficiencies in functionality, technical errors, problems with usability, which should be corrected

Niche analysis and competitor assessment, and SEM strategy development

Collection, filtering, and clustering semantic core for the site – the initial stage


Work on the semantic core – collection, expansion, actualization. This work is cyclic and is carried out permanently throughout the work on the project.

Internal site optimization – eliminating errors and problems that slow down the promotion of the site in search engines

Introducing microdata to improve CTR of snippets

Working through the commercial factors

Detailed optimization of pages to be promoted – recommendations for improvement

Making changes to the site, according to the wishes of the client (on request)

External site optimization – audit the links and create new strategies for building a reference profile to raise the trustworthiness of the resource

Evaluating interim results and optimization

Google Ads

Creating a Google Ads account

Creating target audiences for different types of products or services

Setting up campaigns

Writing text ads for search advertising in accordance with the structure of the account and taking into account the UVP, competitive advantages

Creating ad extensions according to semantic groups

Adding a basic list of negative keywords

Setting up audiences, bids, and device types

Accompanying and adjusting advertising campaigns

Scaling (on request). Adding new products and services to advertising and applying proven effective strategies to them.


Connecting and configuring analytics systems, setting up conversion tracking

Goals settings for tracking user actions on the promoted pages

Creating live dashboards

Evaluating interim results and optimization

You can always see the performance of your ads directly in your account and analytics. In addition, I provide clear and convenient reports in a detailed form.


The SEM project’s monthly cost will depend on your business objectives and the scope of work


If you are looking for help with ​Search Engine Marketing for your business let’s schedule a call. We’ll look at your business and review current plans with a view to reaching your goals.