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Retargeting and digital nudging – how it works

Let’s say the potential customer saw our ad, clicked, read our site, and left without buying.

Most likely, one of two things happened:

1. He/she didn’t like something on our site or the product itself

2. He/she liked everything in general, but got distracted or planned to buy in the future, perhaps a little later in the week/month. Maybe save some money for the purchase. Or he/she was hesitant at the last minute and decided to think about it.⁣⁣

⁣In the first case, there’s nothing you can do – there are no universal products. People need different things, and our product may just not meet other people’s expectations – it happens. This can be corrected only by a deeper understanding of customer need – in general, it’s a big complex thing.

⁣⁣BUT the second thing is more interesting: the person, in general, is ready, you just need a better place and time. Retargeting was created for such cases.

The meaning of retargeting is that you can show an ad to those who have already been on our site and then we caught up with them later, again showing them our product. You can offer a discount or a gift, but usually, just a reminder is enough.

Reminders have magical power. A person has already seen the product, he/she already liked it, and now we just have to meet him/her at a convenient time. Retargeting brings back outgoing visitors and can multiply the effectiveness of advertising costs.

Retargeting is also great in social networks because it’s the perfect time to catch someone unawares. For example, on Facebook or Instagram, we can remind them, ‘hey buddy you picked out the products, let’s finish what you started.’ The man wasn’t busy at that precise moment, we caught him “warm” and sold.


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