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People buy from those they heard of

If you don’t have a name and nobody has ever heard of you, there is no mention of you anywhere, no information on the Internet, and you possibly don’t even have a website — you are a very unlikely candidate.

There’s a surplus of goods and services on the market right now. Yes, there are a lot of buyers out there as well as sellers. But when a person wants to sell something it is not a reason to buy from them or even talk about them unless they’re a familiar brand or have been heard about through word of mouth.

Imagine yourself, looking for a product, and in front of you, there are two brands. There is one you hear of for the first time, and then the other you read an article about, see an ad on social media, and it’s also all over the internet.

You may even follow the company page on Facebook, and may even have signed up for newsletters if you trust the brand. All other factors being equal, such as price, quality, design, packaging, you are more likely to choose the more familiar brand.

And the reason is that it already occupies a certain place in your mind and the world you imagine living in. The competing brand is still a completely foreign element to you, and in no way does it respond to anything in your imagination.

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