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Instagram post ideas for September

August is like the Sunday of summer. The vacation season is soon over, and many companies will be back in business as usual. Sure enough, the beginning of September is like a rough Monday. And as you know, nobody likes Mondays. But let’s not be discouraged.

In September, there will be plenty of occasions to delight your readers. How will you surprise them this time?

Here are some Instagram post ideas for September.

1️⃣  Remember when we all used to write “How I spent my summer vacation” essays in school? Why not revive this wonderful tradition and invite readers to share their experiences?

2️⃣  Reveal a secret on how to stay positive during any weather. Or make a list of reasons to love autumn to inspire your readers.

3️⃣  Make a list of small things everyone can do to make the world around them a little better.

4️⃣  Show examples of the most unbelievable mistakes and misprints in your niche.

5️⃣  Share your idea of beauty and how your brand can brighten your readers’ lives. Remind readers how important it is to notice the beauty of the world around them in the little things, in the moments, in the mood.

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