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Instagram hashtags and how to use them

Instagram hashtags and how to use them

What are Instagram hashtags?


A hashtag is a word or phrase preceded by the # symbol. For example: #instagram, #instagramers, #instagramtags. Adding the # symbol turns the word or phrase into a link – by clicking on it, you will see publications tagged with the same hashtag on Instagram. Using hashtags is a great way to promote your account and increase your reach for free!


How to use hashtags on Instagram?


Instagram allows you to include up to 30 hashtags in a post. But too many hashtags can be spammy, so it is better to use up to 10 hashtags per publication and hide them in the comments.

Do not use hashtags at random. The secret to success is the right strategy.

You need

  • find relevant to your niche hashtags on Instagram
  • group hashtags by frequency and their type
  • combine hashtags thoughtfully


How to find Instagram hashtags for your niche?


Learn from your competitors

Look at the hashtags your competitors use. What kind of hashtags? With what frequency? How many hashtags? What combinations?


Use an Instagram Search

Write a word related to your niche or field in the hashtag search bar. Instagram will give you a list and show you the number of posts tagged with it.


Use the hashtag finder tool

If you are having trouble finding hashtags for Instagram, then you could use Insta Bot Assistant – a hashtag finder on Telegram. This bot will help you find the best hashtags for your niche. Just send the bot a hashtag, and it will show you similar hashtags and their popularity.


how to find instagram hashtags


How to group the collected hashtags?


Group hashtags by frequency

By frequency, you can determine the hashtag’s popularity. The more content published under a hashtag, the higher its frequency – popularity.

over 500k publications – refer to high-frequency hashtags

from 100k to 500k – these are medium-frequency

up to 100k – these are low-frequency


Group hashtags by type

In addition to frequency, hashtags can be divided by:

Specialized – these are hashtags that correspond to your niche or field. These are the hashtags that your target audience will most often use when typing into an Instagram search.

Related – those hashtags that are not relevant to your niche but may be of interest to your audience.

General – those hashtags that you can use with specialized and related areas. They are great for everything.

Location – hashtags with location information are the most effective for products or services.

Branded – these are unique hashtags for your brand that help you stand out and gather your audience.


How to use collected hashtags for Instagram?


  • Only use hashtags that are relevant to the content of your post.
  • Do not use popular hashtags – high-frequency hashtags with more than 500k publications.
  • If your Instagram account is not particularly large, use hashtags up to 100k – they will be most effective.
  • Do not use the same hashtags under each of your posts.
  • Experiment with combinations of hashtags.
  • Analyze which Instagram hashtags gave you good results.