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I don’t need your recommendations, give me high rankings

Let’s talk about SEO, shall we?

A client comes to us with a website that’s far from perfect. Well, the designer didn’t understand that the client wanted to optimize her “beautiful website” for search engines. And really didn’t know what content is or understand the importance of usability, either. It happens.

What does an optimization specialist do? Go and buy some links? No!

First is a specialist audit of the site. Looking at usability, then at the existence and quality of any existing content. Are there any technical issues or errors, is the site even in a capable position to sell? And not just by looking, the specialist gives the clients some recommendations: to correct the design, structure, even to create or remove some elements, etc.

We’re happy when the client reads and implements these recommendations they’ve been given (even if it takes several months to see any results).

However sometimes – the client doesn’t take the recommendations seriously and does not implement them.

Dear clients!

Optimization specialists provide recommendations not just to show how clever they are, but with the sole purpose of making your website even better, to make it an even sales tool, to share their experience, their knowledge, to make it work for YOU.

And if you want to achieve success, then at least read the recommendations. As much as possible fulfill them! And if the recommendations create questions, then ask them!

Main message: listen to the recommendations, try to fulfill at least the main part of what you’ve been asked to do. If some recommendations cannot be implemented, tell them about them directly. A competent specialist will always offer an alternative solution.

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