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How to be different from the competition?

There’s a lot of businesses just like yours and you may be asking the question everyone asks – “where do I get clients?”

Consider who your target audience is, which we’ve discussed in an earlier post – it’s important to know your target audience and what your goals are, however you also need to STAND OUT for all the right reasons.

Price wars won’t be enough to differentiate you, and it’s not enough to sustain a business especially if you enter a recession. The quality of your service or products may be outstanding, but then again, so may your competitor’s services or products.

Let’s take a look at how you can stand out


Using Davaii as an example, we work with small to medium-sized businesses, we could work for bigger companies sure, however, this is our niche and we’re happy with it, it’s the one thing that sets us apart and gives us an authority on our subject. Not many work just with small and medium businesses as we do, and that’s our specialization.


How you present your product or service matters. What kind of images does it create in the minds of your target audience?

What matters is not only what product or service you have, but also how you present it. What kind of image is formed in the head of your future client? Even if there are hundreds of others doing exactly what you do, provide what you provide, your design matters. It will help make you stand out (as long as it’s done well).


Yes, what about you? You are an individual and you’re unique in your own special way. Your business will always be different from others simply because it’s owned and run by you. There doesn’t have to be super-technological innovations or expensive differences, just your uniqueness and your story behind how you came to be where you are will be enough to make you and your business stand out.


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