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For small to mid-sized businesses who are looking for getting noticed by their potential customers with the help of Google Ads.

Google Ads

Want to improve visibility with your Google Ads? From site recommendations to comprehensive ads strategy and getting your precious business that you’ve worked so hard to create in front of those that are going to be interested in your product or service – with my expertise and guidance it’ll happen for you.

Search Campaigns

Search ads are great to reach people while they’re searching for the products and services you offer. However, it might be a very different experience if you don’t know what you're doing, so why not utilise my knowledge so people can find you and not rely on chance and luck.

Shopping campaigns

Got a shopping campaign you want to get off the ground successfully? Let’s take a hard look at product card format ads on Google search and that Google Shopping tab that could do so much to help your campaign, we can also take a look at partner sites to help promote your products.


Remarketing is a smart way of advertising to those who have already visited your website. When they search on Google or visit other sites, there’s another friendly reminder of what they’re missing. You need to get this right for it to work, and I can definitely help.

Video Campaigns

Are you a dab hand at video campaigns? No? Videos attract visitors on YouTube and partner video resources, so don’t miss out on this lucrative area of marketing.

Display Campaigns

Text and graphic ads on Google partner sites such as YouTube, Gmail, and mobile applications. Utilise everything you can in order to ensure your campaigns success.

Local Campaigns

Never underestimate the power of local. We can advertise across Search, Display, Google Maps, and YouTube to bring people to your physical store.


#1 More visibility

When your campaign is launched your ads will begin to appear on Google search page results - which is good. They’ll also appear on many partner sites. Advantages? You don’t have to wait for the results to come as in the case of SEO. So if you’re looking for more visibility, faster, then let me help you by placing you exactly where you need to be seen.

#2 Focus on your audience

Focus, focus, focus - concentrate on the searches and people you need. This is where we lean in on the specifics. Perhaps in the country, city or a specific targeted area you want to focus on. Perhaps gender, age or interests, or those who’ve been on your site but didn’t buy.

#3 You only pay for results

You control advertising costs by paying only for those who clicked on your results. 

And NOT for the users who saw your ad.


#1 Site Recommendations

Recommendations for improving your promoted pages. This won't just help to improve the effectiveness of advertising but will also be useful for organic search.

#2 Strategy

A well-thought-out advertising strategy with the achievement of your planned goals.

#3 Regular Reporting

Want a clear picture of how well you’re doing? How about transparent statistics looking at the effectiveness of your advertising? With my well-prepared transparent reports delivered on a regular basis, you’ll have a clear picture of what’s working and what isn’t, and all delivered in a clever, convenient format.



Search Campaigns
up to 5 product/service categories


Search, Display & Remarketing
up to 15 product/service categories


Search, Display, Shopping Campaigns, and Remarketing


Single campaigns audit, identifying gaps, report & recommendations



That’s the first important step! We get the ball rolling... Your first step is to schedule a call. You will provide me with some details about your business including your website and what questions you have in mind. What are you worried about? What isn’t working? How could it be improved?


Let’s talk more about you, your business and my recommendations. Let’s look at what my approach is - this leads to us doing further work together and it’s a great way to break the ice.


I’m here to learn all I can about your business and to research your market. What have you been doing so far? How can I help? I’ll provide my tailored recommendations and develop an exclusive Google Ads strategy for your business that’s specifically designed to work for you and your business.


Let’s talk about the strategy and make sure you're pleased with it first before we proceed...and then WE. GO. LIVE.


Ongoing management - what does this look like? I’ll be there to tweak and make adjustments where necessary to the advertising campaigns we created and worked on together, so we can achieve those goals we discussed at the beginning. Then, I’ll prepare clear, tailored reports.

Google Ads Services in Pixels

A sneaky peek into each process from campaigns audit and recommendations to ads strategy and full campaign management.


Analyzing the advertising account structure

Checking the advertising campaign settings

Checking the accuracy of targeting settings

Analyzing keywords, negative keywords, search terms

Checking the completeness and correctness of analytics settings

Analyzing advertising strategy, taking into account your business objectives

Drawing up recommendations on the basis of the audit


Field analysis and the place of the advertised site in this area

Site analysis and recommendations for promoted pages

Strategy for the advertising campaign

Creating a Google Ads account

Creating and installing GTM and Google Analytics

Linking Google Analytics and Google Ads accounts

Setting up conversion tracking

Creating target audiences for different types of products

Setting up remarketing

Creating a Google My Business account (on request)

Linking Google My Business and Google Ads accounts


Writing text ads for search advertising in accordance with the structure of the account and taking into account the UVP, competitive advantages

Creating ad extensions according to semantic groups

Adding a basic list of negative keywords

Setting up audiences, bids, and device types


Display campaigns require careful, strategic, forward planning

Creating adaptive ads for media advertising in accordance with the structure of the account and taking into account the UVP, competitive advantages

Adding a basic list of negative keywords

Adding basic placeholder exclusions

Adding basic site topic exclusions

Setting up remarketing

Creating audiences for targeting ads in accordance with the project objectives


Creating a Google Merchant Center account.

Linking Google Merchant Center and Google Ads accounts.

Strategy development for the advertising campaign

Configuring product feed into the Google Merchant Center

Setting up dynamic remarketing in Google Ads

Setting up campaigns for product ads in Google Ads


Selecting targeting types by keywords, topics, user interests, or remarketing audiences in accordance with the objectives of the project

Setting up ads for video advertising in accordance with the structure of the account and taking into account the UVP, competitive advantages

Adding a basic list of negative keywords for YouTube

Adding basic exclusions for non-target channels for YouTube

Adding basic topic exclusions for YouTube


You need careful nurturing and management of your campaigns, with me at the helm, you have nothing to worry about

Adjustment of advertising. You can’t always tell right away how a particular creative, text or targeting will work. That’s why I’ll constantly monitor the results closely and make adjustments to the ads in order to achieve the planned goals.

Tracking non-targeted searches & locations

Analyzing advertisements and their further improvement in order to increase their CTR

Identifying the most effective keywords and their allocation to individual campaigns/ad groups if necessary

Tracking ineffective keywords and disabling them

Tracking ineffective types of targeting and disabling them

Adjusting campaign budgets

Scaling (on request). Adding new products and services to advertising and applying proven effective strategies to them.

Tracking and reporting results. You can always see the performance of your ads directly in your account and analytics.

In addition to this, I provide you with clear and convenient reports in detailed form, in a way that makes perfect sense to you.


Young sites that still have little organic traffic, businesses that need quality and targeted traffic, local companies, businesses with seasonal goods and services.


Unfortunately, there are fields in Google Ads that are very competitive. The cost of attracting a lead in certain fields may exceed the margin of your product or service. In which case it is better to choose other promotion channels.


The Google Ads project monthly cost will depend on your business objectives and scope of work.


If you are looking for help with Google Ads for your business let’s schedule a call. We’ll look at your business and review current plans with a view to reaching your goals.