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Google Ads Campaign Audit

Stop your Google Ads Campaigns from letting your business down

Why would you need Google Ads campaigns audit?

You may have discovered that contextual advertising is no longer working for your business. The marketing methods you’re relying on at the moment aren’t particularly effective. You’ve set it up yourself, but you’re unsure as to whether it’s working, and as far as your keywords are concerned, you’re not even sure whether they’re doing the job right or simply wasting your budget.

By working with our team and choosing a campaign audit, you’ll see points of growth, spot your mistakes and be in a position to correct them. By making the necessary adjustments, you’ll see an improvement in your ad campaigns, but if we see no mistakes, we’ll tell you, and you can continue as you are.

Google Ads Audit

Google Ads are great if you’re getting results – but not so great if you’re not. If you can’t identify the flaws how can you rectify them? Let us audit your Google Ads and see where you’re going wrong. We can describe in clear language where we believe you’re going wrong and how you could be doing better.

That’s a detailed look at all the main errors, shortcomings and oversights. Plus you’ll get recommendations to improve the effectiveness of your advertising campaigns, taking into account your business objectives.

Structure & Settings
Keywords & Search Queries
Ads & Extensions
Landing Pages

Why is a campaign audit so important?

An audit can help you to make necessary corrections to your ad campaigns so your business can see more success than it’s having right now. Only by understanding what’s going on behind the scenes and analysing the problems can your campaign improve and become more effective.

Contextual advertising should be bright, spectacular, and memorable. They should show your company off as the potent and dynamic force it is, advertising your products or service in the very best light in order to get a sale.

Let's do the work

Any ads you put out there should be the first thing the user thinks about, encouraging them to go there. So let it be special, and we’ll help create the groundwork for it!