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Do I need to invest in advertising or why do people achieve different results?

Because free methods are good and can be counted on the fingers of both hands, but more investment is needed to achieve even BETTER results.

So it’s much better to decide what you want to achieve, and then it will become clear what investments are necessary.

We suggest you decide on the budget you’re willing to spend a month on promotion.

🌱  If you have a hobby, handicrafts. Put aside 10-20%. Ideally, this amount is initially put into the price of your products. And make sure you spend it on the intended purpose!

🌱  If you are a bigger business, you know that investment is needed and you have been saving a certain amount for promotion. ⠀

Alright, here are the most common promotion methods:

✔️  Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn ads using Business Manager (advanced targeting)

✔️  Boosting posts

We distinguish these methods because the setup is different.

✔️  Google Search ads (the most common ads you see in the search results)

✔️  Display Network ads (appear on Google’s partner websites)

✔️  Google Shopping ads (window-shopping)

✔️  Instream and Shoppable video ads (before or while watching a video on YouTube)

✔️  Retargeting (re-engage your audience who interacted with your site)

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