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Budget promotion on Instagram

If you don’t have big sales plans on Instagram, you can go ahead with a minimum budget, plus your time.

What it takes to do this:

  • Attractive IG profile header
  • Visually pleasing profile
  • 5-7 groups of hashtags
  • Find out what you sell and for whom (analysis of your product, analysis of your target audience).
  • Actively do mutual PR
  • Commenting on those blogs that have your target audience (here we advise you not to go commenting on direct competitors, or sometimes it looks odd – a person makes a post-sale, and here someone clever flies up “and I also love children’s dresses” – a comment from a dress shop in another dress shop. Look for your traffic in adjacent niches)
  • Mass liking and mass following to your target audience
  • Look for bloggers to advertise on barter, you can also agree on a photoshoot. To do this, you need to take an active position and start communicating, writing requests directly to the person in charge.
  • Use the word of mouth – an old proven, working tool
  • Doing it well and doing it in a detailed, thoughtful way

Your task is to ensure the constant arrival of new potential customers.

You can “improve” the visual until blue in the face, but if you do not understand who your audience is and where to look for it, there will be no great results.


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