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4 useful Telegram bots

Today, we would like to share 4 bots on Telegram App which we believe are extremely useful for performing routine work.

But before we move on to that, we’d like to point out the key differences between Telegram and WhatsApp.

Unlike WhatsApp, Telegram is a cloud-based messenger with seamless sync. As a result, you can access your messages from several devices at once, including tablets and computers, and share an unlimited number of photos, videos, and files of up to 2 GB each. It won’t come as a surprise to know it is one of the 10 topmost downloaded apps in the world and we truly believe that it’s a messenger for the future.

1️⃣  Insta Bot Assistant – davaii_insta_bot

This is an SMM Helper that makes content creation much easier. You can handle things like text, hashtags, posts, stories/highlights, and video (igtv & reels) downloads really easily. If you’re an SMM manager then this is really good news, it’s also great news for those actively working long-term on their Instagram pages.

2️⃣  iamPRcompany Bot – Iamprcompanybot

This sends new comments from any Instagram account as a link to a post and a comment with the author. You can use this link to monitor competitors’ activity and find potential customers. It easily connects to the desired profile: just drop a link and click “Subscribe”. One disadvantage – you can monitor only one account at a time.

3️⃣  Bot-reminder  – SkeddyBot

This is an effective yet simple tool for managing reminders at a given time. You can send a Bot a message like “call the client in 20 minutes”, or “take the documents tomorrow at 8 am”, “check the readiness of cake every 10 minutes”, and the bot will inform you about it with verified accuracy. The last one of course is of great importance!!!

4️⃣  YouTube Bot – youtube

This is a bot that allows you to subscribe to updates from your favorite YouTube channels and keep your finger on the pulse of events occurring in the media.

To start working with a Telegram Bot, all you need is to have a Telegram app, find the bot in the search by name and start chatting with it. Often, the developers add the virtual keyboard buttons to the bot – so the interface becomes clearer.

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