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3 essential factors for a customer to make a purchase

For a customer to make a purchase, it is necessary for three factors to meet simultaneously.

📌  The presence and awareness of the problem the person really wants to solve 

There are also problems that people have but not realize, and if they do, they do not care much, and they do not hurry to solve them.

📌  The client has enough money to buy from you or the opportunity to borrow it 

Someone who does not have the money to buy or cannot borrow, he/she is not your client.

📌  Timing

The moment when the client can no longer or doesn’t want to tolerate his/her problem and finally “matures” before buying.

Only when all these three factors come together can you count on selling your product or service. But you don’t know when a particular potential customer’s problem will become so urgent that it finally leads him/her to buy a product that solves it.

There is also little you can do about it (otherwise you would have already done it). But you can’t completely forget about it either – someday they will “mature” and make a purchase.

And for him/her to buy from you, it is important to keep regular updates (not just advertising) in the form of a blog or newsletter for at least once or twice a month and to provide value to the reader.

As a result of this:

👉   the potential client builds confidence in the company, which provides him with useful information on the topic of interest

👉   the company is memorable and stands out from the competition

👉   your company comes to mind first when the customer is finally ready to make a purchase

Regular contacts allow you to always be in front of potential clients, so they don’t forget you.

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